About WWTPDesigns

WWTPDesigns.com was started with the simple mission of making engineering quality preliminary designs of WWTPs available to ANYONE in the world for free.  By doing this we seek to level the playing field for EPC contractors, real estate developers, engineering firms, and utilities all over the world that lack the skills, time, and/or money to design a proper WWTP.  This is especially important for communities in the emerging world that lack the most basic sanitation and thus suffer various health risks across their population.  For more information on this vision click here .

The Future of Designing Wastewater Treatment Plants

What used to take several weeks of work involving experts and engineers from multiple disciplines, and including searching for the proper equipment at the lowest cost, can now be done within a few hours using our ground-breaking WWTP Design Generator.

Analyzing our own design process, we involved leading experts from various engineering disciplines (process, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, civil, architectural) to encapsulate their knowledge and experience in one single software platform.   After successfully applying the WWTP Design Generator to our own treatment technology for more than 3 years, we have decided to include other technologies and offer the generation of custom preliminary engineering designs for Activated Sludge WWTPs.

If you are concerned that a fully automated design results in lower quality, check it out and compare against your own designs. The reason for our confidence is that we have not only automated the design process but also the data analysis and reconciliation process. In addition, we maintain an extensive database with regional wastewater data from around the world ranging from wastewater characteristics to equipment costs, and including our own proprietary process validation algorithms. This allows us you to take the outputs and calculate site specific capital cost estimates (CAPEX).

The design procedure itself is based on state-of-the-art steady-state calculations. However, this is complemented by much more realistic fully dynamic simulations using newest simulation technology and models developed by world-leading experts. This allows us to provide you with realistic information on the operation costs (OPEX). In combination with the CAPEX calculations you will get the full picture of all the involved costs enabling you to make an informed decision on where to best spend your money.

The Inner Workings of the WWTP Design Generator

Step 1: Starting with user inputs like influent loads and flows, effluent requirements and available space, the tool automatically checks the data for consistency and identifies any unrealistic user inputs. Users are guided through the data collection process and innovative algorithms are used to fill data gaps or highlight potential data issues. To ensure the data you are using is accurate, critical data sets can also be escalated to a design expert.  Please send a mail to designs@wwtpdesigns.com for more information

Step 2: Once the data is validated it is used for process sizing, including a combination of steady-state and dynamic simulations (365 days with diurnal flow) using the next generation simulation platform SIMBA# which is supplied by inCTRL Solutions.

Step 3: The final process design and simulation results are then used to select the best suited models, capacities, and quantities for all mechanical and instrumentation equipment from our extensive database, taking regional specifics into account.

Step 4: The final specs and civil inputs from the process design are used to construct a 3D BIM model of the facility and arrange the equipment within the WWTP so that the smallest footprint possible is achieved. The space optimization is a unique feature helping to reduce costs and making our designs more CAPEX efficient.

Step 5: The final step is to generate a complete preliminary engineering package. The following documents are included:

Do You Want to Use the Outcome for Detailed Designs or Build Your Own Customized Design Tool?

One of the outcomes of the WWTP Design Generator is a fully functional dynamic process model you can use to refine your design or simulate additional scenarios. inCTRL Solutions offers a special SIMBA# license enabling customers a smooth start into process modeling.  Click here for more information.

If you want to set up a design tool for your own technology, WWTPdesigns.com does license the WWTP Design Generator software to companies around the world, and works together with its partner inCTRL Solutions on custom development projects. If you would like information on licensing or custom development please email us at licensing@wwtpdesigns.com and we will get back to you quickly.

Involved Experts

The development team for the WWTP Design Generator included our own engineers (with hundreds of years of combined experience designing THOUSANDS of WWTPs) and some of the most world-renowned experts in the wastewater field.  The team was led by Dr. Leiv Rieger.  Dr. Rieger is a globally recognized expert in monitoring, control, and modeling of biological wastewater treatment processes and chaired a task group of the International Water Association on Guidelines for Using Activated Sludge Models. Dr. Jens Alex and his team implemented the design procedure in the back end powered by the simulation platform SIMBA#. Dr. Imre Takacs was responsible for the development of the Activated Sludge process model used by the simulator and Dr. Lina Belia led the efforts on the design procedures.